Are you planning on return one of our trombones within the 30 day return policy ?
No problem !
Here’s how to get it back to us safely.

1. First and foremost it is of utmost importance to protect the bell really well. Stuff it tightly with bubble wrap. There is usually a small gap inside the case between the bell and the case. The cases’ own padding is usually not enough to protect the bell for shipping, especially when shipping bass- or f-trigger trombones. Please make sure to secure small parts if included ( for instance mouthpiece).


2. Also secure the slide section. It should not be able to move within the slide compartment. Make sure that it is impossible for the slide section to touch the bell section. This often leads to damages when the slide section is put in the compartment the wrong way or not properly secured.


3. The box should be big enough for the trombone case to be padded on all sides. First of all lay a thick layer of padding inside the box. Brown wrapping paper, peanuts or thick, strong bubble wrap is your best option. 

4. Especially take care when padding the bell side of the case. A thick layer of padding is important.


5. Fill up the rest of the box with padding. The case should not be able to move inside the case when shook..


6. Close the cartboard box. Use packaging tape to seal it. Two slightly off-center tapes are best.