ELBBLECH is offering the finest in trombones.

Vintage and modern, American, and European trombones for both classical and jazz music.

Buy risk-free with our 30 days money back guarantee, 2 years warranty and free shipping within germany.










Premium used trombones.

Overhauled and thoroughly tested.

Are you looking to buy a trombone ?

Then this is the right place for you. ELBBLECH is the place for used trombones. You won’t find a similarly exquisite and big selection anywhere else in Europe.

The instruments I am selling are always ones I, as a professional player, am convinced of myself.

You will find all trombones that played a major role in the 20th century in our shop. As well as the newest premium models.

The classics I am mostly offering are made by King, Bach, Conn. Furthermore I am selling Kühnl, Edwards, Yamaha, Rath, Williams, Martin, Olds and other brands.

Since the demand is high, our catalogue often changes. You can see the most recent instruments here. Please use this page to inquire certain instruments that I do not have in store right now.

If you are looking to sell an instrument to me or trade something in, please use this form.



Every instrument has been tested by hand by a professional musician.

2 years warranty

30 days money back guarantee

Being a professional trombonist myself, I have certain requirements in an instrument. It has to sound great, work fine and be in a good condition. Great looks don’t hurt, either.

That’s why all ELBBLECH instruments go through the brass workshop.
The slides have been cleaned and realigned, any damages have been fixed. In our ads every little damage is documented.Every single instrument has been played by myself.

Besides that you’ll receive a 2 years warranty and a 30-day return policy. If you are unhappy with the instrument, you can send it back without further reason.

Shipping and return shipping is free within germany.


Classic premium trombones from all over the world

The idea of ELBBLECH is very simple. I wanted to feel like a kid in a candy store and have all the beautiful trombones in one room.

Do you know how one of the biggest brass shops in New York City must have looked like in the 1960’s ? I don’t know, but I imagine that all the treasures of trombone history were lined up next to each other. That’s what I am trying to recreate.


Carbon neutral shipping

Recycled and / or recyclable packaging material

I like to not only to treat my customers well, but also my affiliates and nature.

That’s why I have a couple of principles for ELBBLECH:

All work that’s done on my instruments is done by local brassworkshops. This helps to make sure everybody is paid and treated well and the work is done in a highly professional matter.

All shipping is fulfilled by DHL. DHL pays it’s employees the best loans and is a fast, secure and reliable partner. The shipments are part of the “GOGREEN”-program, which means that they are carbon-neutral.

All padding inside the shipment boxes is 100% recycled or 100% recyclable

ELBBLECH is participating in a program called “Interseroh” to improve recycling-rates in germany.


Is there a traditional Elbblech customer ?

Everyone who is into high quality, professional level instruments. Those with collectors value and that special something.

Our customers are ambitions amateurs, bands, music schools and professionals of all musical styles. From all over the world !

For instance solo trombonist of the prestigious german NDR symphony, Simone Candotto to New York Jazzstar Josh Roseman and Johnny Johnson, who is playing with MEUTE and Jan Delay to one of germanys biggest conservatories, the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München.

Read about it here:

“I already bought four absolutely stunning classic trombones from Elbblech.
I can really recommend it!”

Ottomar on

“Great products, fast and professional handling, good and fair customer service !”

Thomas on

“Straightforward and most of all fast handling. Any questions have been answered via email. Customer-oriented, friendly and high quality customer service. Shipping was fast and very protective. Beautiful and rare instruments, some are really rare collectors items. Condition of the instruments has been described honestly and without any exaggeration. Instrument was in great condition when it arrived – perfectly lubricated and ready to play. This was a very satisfying experience ! I would buy again at Elbblech at any time!”

Jakob K. on

“Highly competent and guidance.
The fact that Mr. Eilers is a professional musician himself helped alot during my selection process. I already bought two trombones from Elbblech and am very satisfied with those purchases.
I’ll gladly come back.”

M.Ortner on


Felix Eilers

Professional musician and found of Elbblech

I grew up close to Hannover in Germany.

My music studies led me to Hannover, Rotterdam, Groningen und New York City. Some of my teachers have been Ed Kröger, Bart van Lier, Ilja Reijngoud, Michael Dease, Elliot Mason, John Mosca, Robin Eubanks, Brandt Attema and others.

I played concerts in 17 different countries. Some of the artists I have worked with are Mark Forster, Wayne Bergeron, MEUTE, Trilok Gurtu and Jiggs Whigham.

As a jazz trombonist I am mostly playing in Bigbands, Jazzensembles and Pop hornsections. In the last couple of years I also worked a lot in theatre and musical theatre productions.

Since 2017 I am thrilled to run Elbblech.